Alex Lloyd

There are few Australian songs that pretty much every Australian knows verbatim. Among the ranks of Khe Sanh and What About Me? Sits Amazing, possibly the most recognized/replayed/badly covered of Alex Lloyd’s numerous hits.

And numerous they are, since the release of his debut album Lloyd seemed to produce hit after hit after hit, “Black the Sun”, “My Way Home”, “Green”, “Coming Home”, “Never Meant To Fail” and of course the ultimate appropriate-for-any-occasion song “Amazing”.

But a man cannot survive on hit singles and ARIA’s alone. Rather than experimenting with electric-disco-rock or numerous public stints in rehab, Alex married, moved to London, raised a couple of kids and lulled us into a false sense of security before planning his comeback.

Alex joined forces with Steve and Alan Pigram of The Pigram Brothers (a force to be reckoned with in their own right) and wrote the soundtrack for Australian film Mad Bastards. After extensively touring the album, Alex decided he hadn’t released enough ridiculously good albums and set about writing another one.

With a move back to Australia in his near future, Alex will be hard at work in the studio working on his new album, sure to delight old fans and win a whole army of new ones.