Softly woven acoustic tunes combined with raw lyrics, smooth melodies and layered with a thick vocal presence, Athron brings us a rich blend of emotive sounds to guarantee satisfaction for the senses. With a wide range of experience as a vocalist and songwriter for various original acts since age 15, Athron has emerged as a solo artist with a style that is both unique and captivating to the soul, producing a personal sound that leaves a lasting impression.

‘Taming Butterflies’ is Athron’s first full length solo album, and brings together the diversity of styles that has grown into his songwriting since it first began. Songs on the album span a mixed palette of stories and emotions, moving from personal experiences to political tongue in cheek, from dark tragedy to sweet lessons for the soul.

Throughout ‘Taming Butterflies’ length, moods are set for the listener to follow. It is a raw journey that leans into dark spaces, yet holds a feeling of self assurance and sweet confidence that keeps the listener involved musically and emotionally.