The Studio

The main studio consists of a large control room, with natural light and machine room, and boasts three separate recording spaces: The main drum room, a “live” room perfectly suited for acoustic instruments (including our upright piano), as well as a small vocal/ amp booth. Separate headphone mixes are available to all areas (up to 8 discrete sends) with Beyer DT770 headphones.

NEVE 55 series – 48 input (32 mono 8 stereo) console with full patch bay and 32 NEVE mic pre-amps.
Pro Tools 11. HDX – with 48io Lynx convertors, Waves Mercury and Studio Classics plug ins.

Universal Audio 6110 pre/comp
Universal Audio 6176 pre/comp x2
Focusrite Producer Pack channel strip ISA430 x2
Neve 33609 Stereo comp/ limit
Amek 9098 Stereo comp/limit
Summit TLA 100 tube comp
Summit DCL200 stereo tube comp
Universal Audio LA4 comp x2
Distressor x3
DBX 160 x4
Rupert Neve CIB stereo mic pre/ compressor
BSS 901 dynamic EQ x2
Avalon 737 channel strip
Midas XL42 stereo pre/ EQ x2
Avalon U5 DI

Separate Pro Tools system for mixdown, with TK1 buss comp, Avalon 747 compressor/ EQ and Apogee PSX100SE conversion. (24bit/ 96k)
Exraordinary mic collection including vintage Neumann’s, RCA, Royer, Oktava, AKG, Beyer and all the usual suspects.

Quested V2108 or KRK V88 main monitors.
FX from Lexicon, KT, TC Electronic, yamaha, analogue delays, guitar pedals etc etc
Studer A-80 24 track 2 inch and Studer B67 2 track 1/4 inch analogue tape machines.

Studio B is a video and audio room or production suite.
Pro Tools 11 HD  - with 16i/16o Lynx convertors, Waves Gold plug ins.
16ch Broadcast (Rob Squire) summing mixer
API 2500
Avid Media Composer 7
Quested monitoring and patching to the main room and recording spaces.

Studio C is a copy/ storage/ upload facility mainly used for editing and delivering our live concert recordings as well as maintaining backups and archiving of the entire facility.
Pro Tools 11 Native
Quested monitoring
Waves L2 Hardware and custom Rob Squire monitor control/ metering.
Loads and loads of hard drives and direct server connection to the web.

The studios share large lounge area with full kitchen and loads of space to relax.